Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Previous projects / memory lane

These are some of the games and projects Ive been involved with, the last couple of years. Unfortunately I only have printed versions of some of the games, so some of the pictures are photos of print :/

Back in the days, we would do just about anything to save a couple of bytes. Therefore Tilesets and colour cycling were a big part of the menu. It sure had a lot of constraints, but at the same time it was fun to see how much you could do, with so little (I actually succeeded doing a quite nice Matrix animation effect, with only 6 colours and colour cycling - ohh.. and the programmer always used the first colour in the palette for transparency :/

My Little Pony - Cutie Mark Chronicle, is actually a quite cute app, where you get to see the story behind how each pony got their own cutie mark.  Besides that you need to help the ponies, and earn YOUR own cutie mark for your very own custom made pony :)

LEGO Elves is a classic "collect-the-same-color" game, but with the story about the elves and dragons. Also beware of the small goblins who turns up once in a while, to plant meat eating plants, or simply messes up the board.

I had the pleasure of working with Sesame Street NY, on lots of different games for kids. This was amazing as I truly love Jim Hensons muppet universe (Unfortunately this is some of the games graphics I only have on print)

Various games and apps

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Mona & Malberg

A new print with Mona and Malberg will soon be ready for sale. Mona would love to have her own cute and cutely pet, so of course her big brother Malberg tries to fulfill her wish, with a little bit of magic. I am sure the nice wizard don't mind these  2 kids using his lab once in a while. Remember never to grow up, and enjoy the small adventures in life :)